About Our Technique

Besides photo emulsion screen shooting, we also produce screens using the Tusche or positive resist method of screen printing. It is a early print method of painting designs with water soluble drawing ink directly on to fine mesh screen.

Our design is first drafted for the placement of the strokes and then hand painted using the drawing ink.


When the painting is dry, a coating of water resistant screen filler is applied over the remaining screen area.


Once the screen filler is dry, water is applied to the drawing ink in order to wash out the design from the non soluble screen filler leaving a printable stencil.


Tee’s are strapped down to whatever level surface we can find to run a squeegee over and if lucky a half way decent print is left behind that can be cured with a heat gun. Some scorching may occur occasionally.


Unique print tees are guaranteed.

Every one of our t-shirt designs is screen printed onto each blank shirt, as opposed to a heat transfer. This is a much more complicated process, but the superior results are well worth the extra time and trouble.

Screen printed designs don’t peel off in the wash or fade the way heat transfer designs often do, and they also tend to be more flexible and/or softer so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a stiff piece of cardboard across your chest.


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